PSA: We will be closed June 4 - 15th! TIA! Always FREE DELIVERY in AUSTIN ONLY! • 🗓 Shop is still taking new 🍪 orders! WE ARE DOING CONTACTLESS DELIVERY - DOORBELL RING, DOORSTEP DROP! Thank yall so much for supporting LOCAL + SMALL business.




Q:  What are your ingredients?

A: Any combination of the following ingredients:


Honey, milk cutures, real cheddar cheese, bacon bits, oat flour, peanuts, peanut butter, flax seed, baking soda, non-fat milk powder, modified tapioca starch, egg whites, tapioca maltodextrin, granulated rice, titanium dioxide and yogurt cultures


Q: When are your delivery hours in ATX?

A: Weekdays usually run between 2pm - 6pm unless requested otherwise. Saturday deliveries are not always available unless specially requested. There are no deliveries on Sundays. 


Q: Where do you ship your products?

A: All treat boxes that contain cookies can be shipped within the USA only.


Q: Why aren't your cakes shipped?

A: We do not ship our cakes in order for us to preserve the freshness and aesthetic appeal of the product. This product is for Austin, TX and surrounding customers only, at this time.  


Q: Does the "Pawsident," Kingsley really 'certify' every product item that ships/delivers out to his furr-riends?

A: 100% YES. King taste tests every batch that goes out to every single pup customer in order to ensure that the treats are as tasty as they look. If he turns his nose up (which is never) then we will pull the batch - simple as that!